An award-winning and leading interior design firm

Innovative, Quality and Hassle-free are some attributes of The Living Age Pte Ltd success. Since its founding years in 2000, the company has achieved tremendous success in exceeding customers’ expectation through a strong focus on the customer-centric service model. By placing a premium on understanding your needs, we turn possibilities into reality.

The Living Age Pte Ltd continues to be Singapore trustable brand for interior design services for commercial, residential, office or turnkey projects. This includes space planning and A&A works such as upgrading and modification of existing premises in a cost-efficient manner. The available of cost estimation and project management are two pillars of support to provide consumers with visibility in cost control and quality management.


Since the start of my career, I had ventured into different fields spanning from design, jewellery, furnishing and project management before giving birth to The Living Age Pte Ltd in April 2000. Apart from hard work and understanding myself and my interest in creative designs, the motivating factor that helped me launch my own interior design firm was the opportunity to be able to think and execute my design works independently.  For effective plan execution, I need nothing less than a good team that understands my works. I attribute this success to my team of dedicated individuals who stand by these 3 core values

core values

Being customer-centric. Know that every project undertaken has to be absolutely personal and dedicated.

Delivering quality. This starts with the design creation and works its way through the construction, intricately taking care of every simple little detail.

A good feeling for the customer. We seek to create the customer ‘wow’ factor by delivering a functional design that does not need any explanation.

Customer Experiences